In the FAQs you will find some answers to general questions about the game. If you have more questions, write to us at [email protected] and we will answer as soon as possible



It is an activity of 75 minutes. You will have to achieve some objectives and escape from the playing area by using your wits, teamwork, observation and deduction skills.
The activity lasts 75 minutes + some extra time for briefing. Punctuality is requested, as we need some time to prepare the activity for the next participating team.
If you are less than 15 minutes late, the game is done all the same, no problem. If you arrive later than that, the game cannot be started, and unfortunately, in this case, the rate cannot be refunded.
That depends on the state of the team. If Lockdown Escape Room staff thinks that you are drunk or high on drugs you will not be allowed to enter the escape rooms, losing the reservation. If the room is destroyed or if your behaviour is inadequate the game may be interrupted.
Of course. Lockdown Escape Room is a team game, so the rest of the participants can come at the specified time and even invite someone as substitute.
Depending on the situation: if this person wants to quit the game, he or she should leave the room so that the rest can keep on playing; if the person abandoning the room is incapacitated he or she should be accompanied by another team member who can take care of him or her, while the rest can keep on playing. In case of an accident or serious problems, Lockdown Escape Room staff controlling the game may decide to stop it completely.
Why not? In the Cold War and Orphanage games, you will be together at all times. In the Zombies Game you will start separately, so you will be alone. We recommend a minimum of 4 people to play Zombies although many couples accept the challenge.
Sure! Cold War allows up to 7 players, ask our staff. The Orphanage is limited to 4. Otherwise you can split into two teams and play two games simultaneously (almost) or the same game one after another.
Not at all, actually this is prohibited. You will have to look for, think, clarify information and share it. Communication and thinking is the best weapon. All you need is inside the room and it is completely forbidden to use personal items or items external to the game (mobile telephones, tools, etc…).
In the Zombies and Orphanage Games there could be some scares during the gameplay, although this is not a dangerous game, and it may not be the most suitable choice; Lockdown Escape Room staff always controls the game evolution to guide you if you are having difficulties or any doubt. If you need to, you can leave the room at any time.
This is a game designed for adults of any age, however, minors between 8 and 17 years can participate if accompanied by an adult who is part of the team. 
Prices start at €14 per person and depends on the number of players. More info at All prices are with VAT included.





1. In the “Reserve” section or in the page of each game, the calendar will show you the available days in green. If you hover the mouse over your preferred date you will see the times available for the room on this day. 2. Once you have decided, click on the date and select your time. 3. Fill in the questions. 4. Select whether you want to pay by Paypal or by Credit/Debit Card. 5. And now click on “Reserve now”.
Lockdown Escape Room accepts payment by credit card or debit card (Visa, Visa Electon…) or by PayPal. We use secure systems to protect the security of payment by credit card or debit card payment. The confidential payment details are transmitted directly and encrypted (SSL) to the financial institution. When making payment through secure payment gateway, the system automatically verifies that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. Then connect with the issuing bank thereof, which shall authorize the operation.All the payments are done through a secure virtual POS. Your card details are not collected and they travel always encrypted.In the event that theP OS report the denial of the card, we will automatically cancel the order.Lockdown sends a confirmation email to the user with the reservation data. This mail is sent to the email address provided by the user during the registration process. If this message is not received, the user should contact Lockdown sending an email to [email protected] confirmation email acts like a voucher. Lockdown staff can ask for the printed voucher before playing the game. This voucher does not contain any named references, so anyone in the group can bring it and enter in the game.
Yes, when it comes to a Last Minute (reservation made two hours before starting the game). To confirm the reservation, you have to call the phone +34865674189 with 2 hours prior to the selected schedule. If you have any problem / error with Online web payment, through causes outside and does not allow the payment of allowed other systems, can pay cash on game day before the meeting begins. But the amount must be exact, as we normally do not accept cash payment and we may not have change.
If you need the invoice, you have to contact us through the email address [email protected] indicating your booking number, day and hour, together with the necessary data for the invoice (name, company ID or VAT number, complete address , etc.). We will send a PDF you by email.
1. Three days before (before the date and time of the game): we give you your money back. 2. Two days before (before the date and time of the game): Unfortunately, we can’t you your money back. But we do give you the opportunity to choose another date and time, if you inform us by e-mail [email protected] 3. Same day (24h): unfortunately, if you cancel on the same day we can’t give you your money back or offer you another session.** If due to reasons not pertaining to Lockdown (lack of electricity, server failures, etc.) the services cannot be offered, Lockdown will contact the people involved and we will look for alternatives to change reservations, cancel them or give you your money back.
Contact us by email [email protected] and state the date and time of your reservation, together with your name and ID reservation code. You can also do it by calling +34965899656 (from 12.00 to 22.00) and we will do the cancellation for you.
Machines sometimes fail too… The possible online failures are usually due to the server, wait a few minutes and try again. You can also check if your computer is working properly and if you are using the right browser and if it is updated to the latest version. It may also happen that Lockdown has interrupted online access, at any time and without prior notice, when this is necessary for technical, safety, control or maintenance reasons. In any case contact us and we will make the reservation for you for the date and time you want.
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